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Best eSIM Providers for Traveling to Italy in 2023

Stay connected on your Italian adventure. Discover the best eSIM providers to match your travel connectivity needs.


Our Top Picks

1. Airalo: eSIM Data plan

Airalo once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

190+ Countries – 600+ eSIM Plans

2. Alosim: eSIM Data plan

Alosim once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

140+ Countries – 150+ eSIM Plans

3. Holafly: eSIM Data plan

Holafly once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

190+ Countries – 180+ eSIM Plans

eSIM technology has been a game-changer for travelers like myself, especially when visiting a place as vibrant as Italy. The convenience of transitioning to a local network without the hassle of swapping physical SIM cards is invaluable.

With providers like SimOptions and Airalo offering a variety of plans tailored to different data needs, staying connected is simpler than ever​​​​​​. Before purchasing an eSIM, it’s crucial to ensure your phone is unlocked and eSIM-compatible, as these are prerequisites to utilizing eSIM services in Italy​​.

Navigating the cobbled streets of Rome or indulging in the gastronomic delights of Tuscany, an eSIM offers seamless connectivity, which is essential in enhancing the travel experience. My personal reliance on eSIMs during Italian escapades has meant uninterrupted access to online maps, local guides, and the ability to share experiences real-time. With plans offering up to 50 GB of data and even 5G capabilities, an eSIM has become as vital as a good pair of walking shoes​​.

Italia’s eSIM Regulations

The Italian telecom market, much like the rest of the world, is rapidly embracing eSIM technology. An eSIM – or Embedded Subscriber Identity Module – is a digital SIM that allows users to activate a cellular plan without the need for a physical SIM card. The Italian Communications Authority (Agcom) regulates this technology, ensuring that it aligns with the European Union’s framework for electronic communications.

For travelers and residents alike, this technology simplifies the process of switching operators. However, there are key regulations that one must be aware of:

  • Compatibility and Unlocking: The device must be eSIM compatible and unlocked. In Italy, as in many countries, phones sold on contract might be locked to a specific carrier. It’s essential to check with your provider before leaving your home country.
  • Identification: In line with EU regulations and Italian law, users are required to provide a form of identification to purchase any SIM card, physical or digital. This is a measure to combat fraud and terrorism.
  • Number Portability: Italy enforces number portability, allowing users to retain their phone numbers when switching between services, which is applicable to eSIMs as well.
  • Privacy and Data Protection: Adhering to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), eSIM providers in Italy are required to protect consumers’ personal data with utmost rigor.

This regulatory environment aims to ensure that the adoption of eSIM technology is as frictionless as possible while safeguarding consumer rights and security.

Why Use eSIM over traditional SIM plans?

The digital landscape for travelers is changing, and one of the most significant shifts has been the transition from traditional SIM cards to eSIMs. There are several compelling reasons to make the switch:

  • Convenience: Gone are the days of juggling multiple SIM cards or searching for a local store upon arrival. With an eSIM, you can pre-select and install your plan digitally before you even set foot in Italy.
  • Sustainability: eSIMs contribute to reducing plastic waste, aligning with global efforts to protect the environment.
  • Flexibility: Changing plans or operators can be done with a few clicks. This is especially useful in Italy, where you might find yourself needing different plans as you travel between urban and rural areas.
  • Cost-Effective: Often, eSIM plans are more competitively priced, as providers save on the costs associated with physical SIM cards.

eSIMs represent not just a technological advancement but a shift towards a more flexible, sustainable, and hassle-free mobile user experience.

Choosing the Ideal eSIM Provider in Italy for Your Lifestyle and Needs

Selecting an eSIM provider in Italy is not just about finding a signal; it’s about matching your mobile connectivity to your lifestyle and travel needs. Here’s how to ensure you’re making the right choice:

  • MVNO vs. Local Network Plans: Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) often offer competitive pricing and flexible plans, while local networks may provide better coverage in remote areas. Consider where you’ll be spending most of your time.
  • Availability of Unlocked Phones: Verify that your phone is unlocked, as eSIM technology requires it. This is especially important for travelers from regions like North America, where phones are frequently locked to carriers.
  • Coverage, Network Speed, and Reliability: Italy’s varied topography can affect signal strength. Research which providers offer the best coverage in the areas you plan to visit, and decide whether 4G LTE speeds are sufficient for your needs or if you require a provider that supports 5G.
  • Features and Limitations: Some eSIM plans offer data only, while others include calls and texts. Consider your communication needs – will you be making local calls, or do you just need data for maps and travel apps?

When choosing an eSIM provider in Italy, take into account:

  • Plan Flexibility: Are you looking for a pay-as-you-go option, or would a monthly or yearly plan suit you better?
  • Data Packages: How much data will you realistically use? Providers offer a range of packages, from 1GB to unlimited data plans.
  • Customer Support: Look for providers with robust customer support, available in a language you’re comfortable with.
  • Additional Benefits: Some providers may offer extras like free access to Wi-Fi hotspots.

In essence, the right eSIM provider should align with how you travel, communicate, and use data.

1. Airalo: eSIM Data plan

Airalo once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

190+ Countries – 600+ eSIM Plans

2. Alosim: eSIM Data plan

Alosim once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

140+ Countries – 150+ eSIM Plans

3. Holafly: eSIM Data plan

Holafly once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

190+ Countries – 180+ eSIM Plans

Popular Travel eSIM Providers in Italy


Airalo (Our Top Pick)

This is a popular eSIM marketplace offering regional and local eSIM plans across many countries. Their Mamma Mia plans for Italy come with varying data options from 1GB to 10GB, with durations ranging from 7 to 30 days. These plans are compatible with major Italian networks like Vodafone and Wind Tre​​.

  • 1GB Plan: Valid for 7 days at $4.50
  • 3GB Plan: Valid for 30 days at $7
  • 5GB Plan: Valid for 30 days at $10.50
  • 10GB Plan: Valid for 30 days at $16​​

Airalo is one of the leading eSIM providers offering travelers seamless connectivity across Italy. Let’s break down what makes Airalo a top choice:

  • eSIM Features: Airalo offers a range of data-only plans, which are ideal for travelers who primarily need internet access on the go.
  • Coverage, Network Speed, and Reliability: Airalo’s eSIM plans operate on established networks in Italy, providing reliable 4G LTE speeds that cater well to standard browsing, social media, and navigation needs.
  • Unique Selling Points – Ease of Purchase: Airalo’s eSIMs can be quickly purchased and installed via their app, ensuring you’re connected as soon as you land. –Affordability: With competitive pricing, Airalo caters to budget-conscious travelers.
  • Contract Terms: Airalo offers flexible pay-as-you-go plans, meaning you only pay for what you need, when you need it, without any long-term commitments.

For a deeper dive into Airalo’s latest offerings, it’s worth visiting the Airalo’s website for more information.

Bouygues Telecom

A major French mobile phone and Internet service provider. Their My European eSIM plan is particularly attractive for travelers in Europe, offering 30GB of data and unlimited calls/texts within Europe. The plan is valid for 30 days, making it ideal for longer trips​​. Price: $44.90


An international company specializing in travel SIM cards and eSIMs. They offer flexible data-only eSIM plans for Italy such as 1 GB for 7 days and up to 5 GB for 15 days. SimOptions provides eSIMs that are easy to set up and cost-effective for short-term travelers​​.

  • 1 GB Data Plan: Valid for 7 days at $4.90
  • 3 GB Data Plan: Valid for 15 days at $9.90
  • 5 GB Data Plan: Valid for 15 days at $14.90​​


MEO is a Portuguese telecommunications company. Their Enjoy Europe line includes eSIM plans without the need for an identity check, offering 5GB and 15GB plans. The 15GB plan is notable for its excellent price-to-GB ratio, catering to travelers who need ample data without a lengthy verification process​​.


One of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. The Orange Holiday Zen eSIM gives travelers to Italy 12GB of data, unlimited calls & SMS within Europe with a credit validity of 14 days. This plan is aimed at travelers looking for a balance between cost and data allowance​​.

  • 12GB Data Plan: Includes unlimited calls & SMS within Europe, with a credit validity of 14 days.
  • Price: $29.90​​


A global SIM card provider that offers a range of international mobile services. Their offering for Italy is a heavy-duty 100GB per month data plan, ideal for travelers who require a lot of data or are on extended stays in the country​​.

  • 100GB/month Data Plan: Works all over Italy.
  • Price: $143.31


How do I activate my eSIM in Italy if I don’t speak Italian?

Many eSIM providers offer multi-language support, including English. You can follow the instructions provided with your eSIM or contact the provider’s customer support for assistance in your preferred language.

Are there any roaming charges for using eSIM in neighboring countries while traveling from Italy?

Depending on your eSIM plan, there might be additional charges for roaming. It’s essential to check with your eSIM provider about roaming fees in specific countries.

Can I switch between my local SIM and eSIM while in Italy?

Yes, if your device supports dual SIM functionality, you can switch between your local SIM and eSIM. Ensure your phone settings are correctly configured to manage both SIMs.

Is there a specific regulatory body in Italy that oversees eSIM providers and their services?

In Italy, the regulatory body responsible for telecommunications is the “Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni” (AGCOM). They oversee and regulate eSIM providers and their services.

How do I resolve any disputes with my eSIM provider in Italy?

If you face any issues with your eSIM provider, it’s best to contact their customer support first. If the problem persists, you can approach AGCOM or the relevant consumer protection agency in Italy for assistance.

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