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Best eSIM Providers for Traveling to the Philippines in 2023

If you’re in the Philippines, you’re in luck. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of eSIM technology in the country, from prepaid options to how to get one.


Drawing from my personal experiences, the Philippines, an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, is a fascinating blend of indigenous, Spanish, and American influences. The country is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, from the bustling city of Manila to the serene beaches of El Nido.

In this digital age, staying connected is crucial, especially for travelers. This is where eSIM technology comes into play. An eSIM is an integrated SIM chip embedded in your mobile device, allowing you to manage multiple profiles using different mobile numbers on just one device. This is particularly useful for travelers in the Philippines, as it allows for easy switching between local and international lines.

Moreover, eSIMs are now widely available with Globe Postpaid Plans, one of the major telecom companies in the Philippines. This makes it easier for travelers to stay connected, whether they’re exploring the urban jungle of Manila or the pristine beaches of Boracay. The convenience of eSIM technology, combined with the beauty and diversity of the Philippines, makes for an unforgettable travel experience.

Popular eSIM Providers in the Philippines

The Philippines has a wide variety of eSIM providers that travelers can choose from when planning their next trip. The eSIM system is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and flexibility.

Before you commit to any particular eSIM provider, it’s important to research their offerings and ensure that their service is suitable for your planned activities. Here are some of the most popular eSIM providers in the Philippines:

1. Airalo: eSIM Data plan

Airalo once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

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2. Smart: eSIM Data plan

Smart once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

140+ Countries – 150+ eSIM Plans

3. Globe: eSIM Data plan

Globe once again demonstrates that it has an excellent eSIM service.

190+ Countries – 180+ eSIM Plans

It is highly recommended that you compare the different eSIM providers and their plans before you settle on one. You should consider factors such as the data speeds, coverage areas, customer service, cost, and whether the plan includes voice, text and data or just data. Additionally, it would be helpful to read reviews about each provider to get an idea of how reliable they are.

By researching the different eSIM providers in the Philippines, you can be sure to get the best deal for your needs.

Features to Consider Before Choosing an eSIM Provider

When you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, it’s important to have the best data plan for your device. An eSIM is a great choice for travelers, offering convenience and flexibility. But before you choose an eSIM provider, there are some key features you should consider.

  • Coverage Area – First and foremost, you want to make sure your chosen eSIM provider has coverage in the areas you plan to visit. Some providers are limited to specific geographical areas, so it’s essential to check this before signing up.
  • Data Speeds – The majority of eSIM providers offer good data speeds, but there can be significant differences between them. It’s worth researching different plans to compare the download and upload speeds they offer.
  • Data Limits – Another factor you’ll need to consider is how much data your plan includes. Most eSIM plans are data-capped, meaning that once you reach a certain limit, your connection will be slowed or even stopped. Make sure you understand exactly how much data you get with your plan.
  • Support Services – You’ll also want to check what kind of customer support services are offered by the eSIM provider. Many providers offer 24/7 customer service and technical support, which is invaluable if you have any questions or issues during your stay.
  • Roaming Options – Finally, check if you’ll be able to use your eSIM in other countries. Many eSIM providers offer roaming packages that can be added on to your existing plan, allowing you to stay connected when traveling outside of the Philippines.

Choosing an eSIM provider is an important decision, so take the time to research all the features available. By considering all these factors, you’ll be able to find the plan that best suits your needs for a successful and enjoyable trip to the Philippines.

Common Asked Questions

What type of devices require an eSIM?

At this point, eSIMs are typically used with newer iPhones and Android smartphones. However, more devices are being released with eSIM capabilities so this may change in the future.

What are the benefits of using an eSIM in the Philippines?

Using an eSIM in the Philippines has many advantages, including not needing to buy a physical SIM card, not needing to pay activation fees, and being able to easily switch carriers. Furthermore, eSIMs typically offer better deals than traditional physical SIMs, making them a great choice for travellers.

How do I activate my eSIM in the Philippines?

Activating an eSIM in the Philippines is relatively straightforward. Simply contact your chosen eSIM provider and follow their instructions. Generally, you will need to provide a valid government ID and proof of address, as well as proof of payment, before your eSIM can be activated.

How much does it cost to use an eSIM in the Philippines?

The cost of an eSIM in the Philippines varies depending on the provider and plan you choose. However, most providers offer affordable plans that start at around $5 per month for unlimited data.

Can I use my eSIM in other countries?

Yes, if your eSIM provider offers international roaming, then you can use your eSIM in other countries. However, fees and rates may vary from one country to another, so it is always advisable to check with your provider first.

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